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Association Dues

RVS Board 


Homeowners association dues and a CURRENT copy of insurance policies are due June 15 each year. If they are not received by this date, they are delinquent, and late fees will be applied. Click on the form to the left for more information, or if you need to print a copy.








No Wake Zones & RVS Boundaries 

RVS Board 


Boaters: please make yourself aware of the No Wake Zones at Riverview Shores.


To the left is a map indicating where the no wake zones are located. When boating in any of the red areas, your boat should be going at its absolute slowest forward speed.  No throttle applied, just "gear only".  In other words....the first click of the shifter only.


Also please note that the yellow line indicates Riverview Shores boundaries. Keep in mind that you and any guests you may have need to stay within the RVS boundary lines. 

Boating Safety


Please be safe and courtous when boating.  It is recommended that there be no more than 2 skiing boats on the north lake at one time and 3 skiing boats on the south lake at one time.  If you are pulling wakeboarders, skiiers or tubers, be courteous and take a break after 1 hour to allow other boats a chance to use the lake.  

Reminder: it is NEVER ok to spin circles on one end of the lake with your boat or to make a figure 8 with tubers.


Boater Education Classes

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